Comic Distro Distributes Its 500th Comic Book

Comic Distro

Comic Distro has announced that the comic book distributor has over 500 comic book titles available on its platform. Comic Distro was first launched on April 2021 and provides a distribution service to comic book publishers looking to sell their comic books directly to booksellers.

Founder of Comic Distro Austin Osueke said in the announcement:

We’re happy that publishers and retailers embrace Comic Distro. Comic book publishers utilize our platform as a resource to get their comics into stores and Retailers see us as a painless way to order comics for their businesses. It’s humbling to earn the support of the comic book community since our launch.

Comic book publishers make use of Comic Distro’s platform such as TidalWave Productions, eigoMANGA, Star Cross Comics, and many others. The distributor has had some intriguing new additions to its lineup in recent months expanding its comic publisher offerings to international publishers including Africa’s Comic Republic and Argentinian publisher UMC Comics making it easier for stores to bring international comics to their shelves.