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Avengers from Across the Multiverse Assemble in Avengers Forever by Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder

This December, prepare to enter the ever-fascinating and unpredictable Marvel Comics multiverse in Avengers Forever. Avengers Forever will be a new ongoing Avengers series from two of today’s most outstanding super hero masterminds: writer Jason Aaron and artist Aaron Kuder.  Spinning out of the cataclysmic events of Avengers #750 and operating in lockstep with Jason Aaron’s prime Avengers series, this latest great Avengers epic will feature the Mightiest Heroes of every Earth as they assemble for one of the greatest battles the Marvel Universe has ever witnessed. Throughout this saga , fans can expect appearances by fan-favorite characters from across the multiverse such as Captain Carter, America Chavez, Starhawk, and more along with brand-new reimagined heroes like the Invincible Ant-Man that will take the world by storm!

It begins with a quest for cosmic vengeance. Ghost Rider finds himself roaring through the wasteland on a ruined Earth, where the great age of heroes never came to be, where hope is a four-letter word and where his only ally in the coming battle against the greatest villains any universe has ever seen is the world’s most wanted archaeologist, Tony Stark…the Invincible Ant-Man.

Meet the Multiverse’s Mightiest Heroes when Avengers Forever #1 hits stands on December 22.

Avengers Forever
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