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The Mystical Heist Mash-Up From Beyond The Grave Heavenly Blues is the Latest Title Box

People live. People die. The “good” are pleasantly escorted off to Heaven; while the rest unceremoniously rots in Hell. Hell – a world where torture isn’t retribution, it’s just hazing. Isaiah Jefferson fancied himself a dashing rogue; the greatest thief of the Great Depression, but a cruel betrayal left him dead in the dirt. Erin Foley was a scared grifter desperate not to be another child fed to the violent maw of the Salem Witch Trials. When they’re given the chance to leave Hell and spit in the face of judgment, can they face their demons and become the master thieves they were meant to be?

Heavenly Blues is the latest Tuesday Title Box from Scout Comics and is by writer Ben Kahn with art and cover art by Bruno Hidalgo. There’s a mystery element in each box offering that includes rare variants and out off print covers. Some of boxes may also contain extremely rare HOLOFOIL editions that can only be found within!

The Heavenly Blues Tuesday Title Box features issues #1- #6 and the Comic Tag containing the entire digital graphic novel. Limited to 200 boxes, you can get yours for $39.99!

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