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Unboxing: Transformers R.E.D. The Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream

Enhance your Transformers collection with Transformers R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design] figures. These 6-inch scale figures are inspired by iconic Transformers characters from throughout the Transformers universe, including G1, Transformers: Prime, Beast Wars: Transformers, and beyond. R.E.D. figures do not convert, allowing for an enhanced robot mode with a sleek, “kibble-free” form. With 80 deco ops and each surface painted on, R.E.D. figures were designed to bring collectors the most screen-accurate versions of their favorite characters to display on their shelves.

Coronation Starscream includes 25 points of articulation and includes 2 null rays, a set of alt hands, and 2 blast effect accessories. Also includes a crown, 2 shoulder pads, and fabric cape accessories for the figure to wear.

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