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Review: Dead Legends II #1

Dead Legends II #1

The recent movie Paper Tigers is one of those movies that may be deceiving to viewers at first glance. Some see it as a low budget take on the martial arts movie genre, which is quite cursory. Anyone that actually saw the movie, and if you were lucky enough to learn martial arts in your adolescence, you would see how true it is to the teachings of martial arts. You can see through the film the love and reverence the filmmakers had for the discipline itself and for the martial arts movie genre.

It also took a lesson from Stephen Chow and his epic movie, Kung Fu Hustle, by infusing comedy. It was a genre that has been visited in just about every decade to mixed results. It also did something different, by giving the characters, relatable issues that men my age face. In the 1st issue of second volume of A Wave Blue World’s brilliant Dead Legends, the creators also show their love for the genre, in this sprawling continuation of their martial arts saga.

We’re taken back to the Dead Legends tournament, where another hero has fallen, and we just how commercialized the whole program, as it is similar to a WWE match.  WE find Yan and friends in hiding, but keeping their skills sharpened, by practicing, as Tigress has been hunting them for months and it seems as though she’s nipping at their heels. Unfortunately, their worst fears materialize and her ninjas find out where their hiding. By the issue’s end, our heroes fend them off, but not without some of their friends being taken prisoner by Tigress.

Overall, Dead Legends II #1 is an exciting continuation of this martial arts epic, one that gets you invested in the characters. The story by James Maddox is exciting. The art by Gavin P Smith is gorgeous. Altogether, more than a throwback to those great movies but a fine addition to the Martial Arts canon.

Story: James Maddox Art: Gavin P Smith
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

A Wave Blue World provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXology

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