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Felix the Cat returns to comics from Mike Federali, Tracy Yardley, and Source Point Press

Felix the Cat is coming back to comics! Don’t miss your favorite feline and his magic bag of tricks in his newest adventure from Source Point Press and DreamWorks Animation, Felix the Cat #1 is written by Mike Federali and drawn by Tracy Yardley and will be available in stores and online in 2022.

Kitty Kat, Roc Bottom, Inky, Winky and all your classic favorites have gathered for Felix the Cat day, a celebration of everyone’s favorite feline, but the festivities are interrupted when Xilef the Extraordinary tries to steal Felix’s Magic Bag! Can Felix win Xilef’s three challenges, or will he have to say goodbye to Baggie for good?

Felix the Cat became an overnight sensation after his first public appearance in the 1919 short film “Feline Follies. After playing in every silent movie house in the world, Felix made the transition to print, appearing in over 250 newspapers in 70 different languages and reaching every corner of the globe. As his popularity grew, thousands of dolls, toys, games, songs and millions of comic books were produced featuring Felix the Cat.

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