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Review: Syphon #1

Syphon #1

When a fast-living EMT is entrusted with the power to sense and siphon pain from others, Sylas is presented with a new purpose: to ease the misery of those around him. But the more he uses this gift, the more it curses him with carrying the burdens of others’ pain. And it soon attracts the attention of mysterious forces who covet the power for themselves, forcing Sylas to decide whether he will continue his mission or revert to his old ways. Syphon #1 kicks off an interesting new series with a dip in fantasy and noir.

Syphon #1 is a promising debut issue from Mohsen Ashraf and Patrick Meaney that merges fantasy with the modern world. Sylas is a hard-working EMT striving to make a difference in a cold, hard world. Yet, that principled work ethic and morality may prove to be his undoing. Something unnaturally empathic has chosen Sylas to be its next host.

The debut is a good one teasing a new world and mythos to explore. We can see Sylas’ slide as this mysterious power takes its root and the pain of others begins to weigh on him. His life begins to suffer and we see the impact in his relationships.

The debut issue is brimming with spectacular artwork from Jeff Edwards. The art is used heavily to hint and tease at the supernatural origin of the power Sylas is given. Along with John Klasiz’s color, the art does an interesting job of balancing the dark nature of the pain Sylas deals with and a neon glow that goes along with his newfound power.

Syphon #1 is a good start mixing a few genres and delivering nice artwork. It’s a debut that does an excellent job of teasing what’s to come through the artwork and giving us a quick run-through of the burden that gets our main character to the next part of his journey.

Story: Mohsen Ashraf Written: Patrick Meaney, Mohsen Ashraf Art: Jeff Edwards Colors: John Kalisz
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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