Review: Blue & Gold #1

Blue & Gold #1

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are two DC characters I don’t know a ton about. They’ve been ancillary characters in the various DC Comics I’ve read. But, a series starring the two isn’t something I’ve experienced. I know the basics of each and generally don’t have a lot of opinions about them. The read I’ve had is it’s the buddy cop type combo with one being rather serious and grounded while the other plays the role of a comedian. Blue & Gold #1 gets the duo front and center in a new miniseries that reintroduces them in a way to the “Infinite Frontier” direction of the DC Universe.

Dan Jurgens returns to his creation of Booster Gold who’s chasing clout and dollars as a superhero. He’s taken to social media live streaming his antics in hopes of getting viewers and that translating into dollars. It’s a perfect update to the character and the situation makes a whole lot of sense based on his personality. Unfortunately, his abilities are taxed when he goes up against an alien who has captured the Justice League. Somehow, Booster thinks he can stop a threat that’s taken out the Justice League. Hence Blue Beetle being called in to help Booster with his task.

Jurgens uses social media well in the issue as we get a solid sense of how the public sees these two and their reactions. The responses generally the tone is right though the comments feel a little tame to what reality would be. It gives a good gauge in the public response. We also get a sense of how well Booster’s schtick is going over as a whole. Jurgens also nails the banter between Booster and Beetle. There’s a perfect flow and back and forth between the two that’s straight out of the buddy cop stories that work. It’s a classic formula but it’s one that works well for these two.

The art by Ryan Sook is solid. With lettering by Rob Leigh, the look of the comic has a modern mixed with 80s feel about it. It’s not flashy in any way but is really great visually. This isn’t a comic full of splash pages and dynamic poses but instead fits its comedic duo. It focuses on the reactions of the two playing off the physical comedy they bring to the story. The alien ship and robot obstacle don’t feel all that exciting but instead it’s the details the art brings. When the two walk down a street, as an example, the reaction of those around them is something to focus in on. It adds to not just the story but the characters as well.

Blue & Gold #1 is a fun debut. It has a nice mix of classic DC and modern DC setting this duo on their new adventure. The comic brings something to DC’s line we’re not getting anywhere else and is a solid addition to the superhero lineup. Here’s hoping there are some bigger plans for them beyond these issues because based on this debut, this is a team that we’ll want to see more of when this adventure wraps up.

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Ryan Sook Letterer: Rob Leigh
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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