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Impossible Jones is Coming in September from Karl Kesel, David Hahn, Tony Aviña, and Comicraft

A thief pretending to be a superhero? IMPOSSIBLE! That’s what IMPOSSIBLE JONES hopes people believe as she tries to convince citizens, cops—and fellow superheroes—that she’s New Hope City’s latest and greatest super-powered protector! But she’s also a damn good thief with no intention of giving up her criminal ways. You kidding—with these new powers? Pilfering and purloining have never been easier! Plus, cops don’t shoot at her, they gladly tell her exactly what they’re up to, and everyone’s happy to show her their security systems. But it’s a high-stakes, high-wire balancing act, and even shape-shifting superpowers can be stretched thin. One misstep and Jones will fall so far she’ll never bounce back…

Impossible Jones is written by Karl Kesel who provides the inks, pencils by David Hahn, colors by Tony Aviña, lettering by Comicraft. Out in September it’s edited by Nicole D’Andria, production by Joel Rodriguez, and published by Scout Comics.