AfterShock Announces Its 100th title with Campisi: The Dragon Incident from James Patrick and Marco Locati

AfterShock Comics has announced its 100th title, Campisi: The Dragon Incident, from James Patrick and Marco Locati. Patrick’s last book with AfterShock, The Kaiju Score, was picked up by Sony Pictures. Slated for an August release, Campisi: The Dragon Incident marks a major milestone for AfterShock.

Announced in April it features lettering by Rachel Deering and a cover by Fran Galán.

Sonny Campisi is a small-time fixer for the mob-controlled neighborhood of Green Village. If you don’t pay your gambling debt, he’ll come and collect. If you get a little rough with one of “the girls,” he gets a little rough with you. But when a dragon flies into town and Sonny is the one who’s tasked with getting rid of it, it’s a problem unlike any he’s ever faced, and a chain of events begins that will affect everyone who lives in that neighborhood. Especially Sonny.  

AfterShock’s 100th title will coincide with the debut of Seismic Press, a new Young Adult imprint from AfterShock aimed at furthering the brand’s mission to create content for all audiences while bringing the same caliber of creative talent to tell stories for a younger demographic.

Campisi: The Dragon Incident