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Hasbro Reveals a New Transformers Generations Selects Galvatron

Behold, Galvatron! The herald of Unicron blasts his way into the Generations Selects line with this special edition figure! This Galvatron figure is inspired by the classic 1986 toy release, featuring comic-inspired deco. Includes 2 weapon accessories and the classic green Matrix of Leadership accessory on a chain that can be worn around the figure’s neck. This Galvatron figure converts from robot to Galactic Cannon mode in 33 steps. Comes with a sheet of foil labels, including a heat-sensitive sticker that reveals the Decepticon shield when you rub it with your finger

Includes Generations Selects Leader Class Galvatron figure, 3 accessories, foil sticker sheet, and instructions.

The figure is inspired by the 1986 Galvatron G1 release. It comes with the Matrix of Leadership on a chain that can be worn around the figure’s neck.

You can pre-order the figure from Hasbro Pulse, Entertainment Earth, and more.

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