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Review: Arms of the Dragon #3

Arms of the Dragon #3

The show Hunters on Amazon was one of the most controversial shows of recent memory. Not necessarily because of the violence but of how it sought to tell a different alternative history of World War II. This is where art and fact, often conflict and where the oft-neglected uncomfortable conversations come up. This is where actual discussion should take place but instead gets ignored.

What the show does brilliantly is discuss post-traumatic stress disorder. It deftly shows how that condition is tied into the horrors of war in all its ugliness and how humanity is a concept unutilized in times like those, and to be honest, rarely today. In some very difficult, often unwatchable scenes it shows the cruelty the Nazis inflicted on different Jewish prisoners. In Noir Ceasar’s third chapter of Arms of the Dragon, Shou suffers a public indignity, one this community will not recover from.

We find Shou being made an example by the Shottas as his family restaurant burns for the whole neighborhood to see. As the leader of the gang barbed spike into Shou’s hand, everyone watches in terror as different people attempt to take out the spike only to get shot in the head if they don’t. Even his friend, Deito couldn’t pull out the spike in time suffering a similar fate. By the issue’s end, a young lady is able to pull it out in time, saving hers and Shou’s life.

Overall, Arms of a Dragon Chapter 3 is a gruesome entry that will have the reader panting. The story by Marcus Johnson and John Lawrence is affecting. The art by Chris Krady is eye-catching. Altogether, a story that doesn’t shy away from the brutality a world like this yields

Story: Marcus Johnson and John Lawrence Art: Chris Krady
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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