Supergirl’s The Flash Costume Teased

In February it was announced that Sasha Calle is the new Supergirl. In a very cute video, director Andy Muschietti gave the news to Calle she would be taking on the role for The Flash.

Now, we have a tease of what Calle’s costume will look like in the film.

Muschietti, who’s been dropping teasers a lot, on Instagram posted an image of some of the costume. The design evokes the style from Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. The red on top is a departure from the current costume but one that has some roots in previous costumes for the character.

The Flash will send Ezra Miller’s character through the multiverse setting up the vision and direction for DC’s Cinematic Universe. On top of Calle’s Supergirl, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will don the cape and cowl as their versions of Batman.