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Super-Articulate: Some Reviews and Some Commentary

Welcome back, kids. Let’s get right into the new stuff. This time out, we’ve got Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series Asajj Ventress and Crosshair (from The Bad Batch).

VENTRESS: This is a largely excellent job on a fan-favorite character. I’m surprised it took this long for Ventress to get this kind of representation in the Black Series, but I do feel like Hasbro did a proper job on it. I want to flip my normal approach and address the big flaw on my figure up front. I didn’t notice as much until I got into the photographs, but there are definitely some paint flaws around the window on the character’s torso. That’s a shame, given that the face and head have much more intricate paint ops and those look great.

On the other hand, the overall sculpt is strong and the soft goods pieces of the outfit are excellent. The lightsabers are show accurate and the figure doesn’t look like anything else on your Star Wars shelf. Putting her in the display near Maul, I was struck by the fact that the Black Series lacks a Savage Oppress. I think Hasbro should address that in the near future.

CROSSHAIR: I thought Hunter was great, and I may like Crosshair even better. I’m glad that Hasbro leaned in on the Bad Batch right away, even if we’ve yet to get an Echo announcement. Crosshair is the team’s sniper with a particular, uh, susceptibility to Order 66, and he looks great. There’s strong facial detail, including the scar, and there’s attention to detail, like the bandolier that separate’s Crosshair’s outfit and armor from Hunter’s.

The Bad Batch are accessory-heavy figures, and that’s a good thing. Like Hunter, Crosshair comes with a removable helmet (it’s funny what a novelty that feels like, as opposed to an extra head). He’s also packed with a backpack, a blaster, and an excellent sniper rifle. That’s Crosshair’s customized version of the 773 Firepuncher, and it looks great in figure form. As you can see, I took some shots of Crosshair and Hunter together so you can see the difference in the details on the figures. Those bits are what makes them stand out. This is another good figure for the Bad Batch.

DATES, DATES, DATES: If you’ll indulge me for a minute, I do want to lodge a complaint for a moment. I understand that shipping dates shift. I understand that things can change, and I know that we’ve come off of a really challenging year here. But I have to say that I find the disparity between the announced ship dates and arrival dates, particularly from Hasbro lately, are a pain.

We covered the whole thing with the Marvel Legends Shang-Chi figures, and how those hit stores before they were even announced. But recent events are also confusing and frustrating.

For example: if you ordered the ML Disney+ wave from Amazon, the site indicates that they won’t ship until August 1. Target had an arrival date of June 1. However, the figures began to show up in Walmarts ahead of that date. That’s fine, I suppose, but they also showed up on the racks in Target, and a number of Target stores refused to sell the figures to customers before June 1 DESPITE the fact that they were on the shelf. That’s wildly inconsistent and frustrating. On the Hasbro Pulse side, if you ordered the Bring on the Bad Guys wave, those show as shipping August 1. However, if you showed up at Target on June 1 looking for the Disney+ wave, many customers reported finding those as well. Honestly, I’m confused.

Oh, and one more thing. Before this went live on Thursday, rektangular posted on Instagram that the Ursa Major BAF wave has been found in-store. Good luck out there, gang.

I’d just like some clarification, maybe in one of the Fan First livestreams, on dates going forward. I understand that Hasbro Pulse generally ships after everyone else. But the main thing is that it makes it hard to plan things from a financial perspective when you have multiple drops occurring in proximity and you aren’t sure from week to week whether you might have more than one assortment hit your bank account. I appreciate the emails that something has shipped, but it would be nice to have a calendar function or to receive updates for both in-store dates and Pulse ship dates.

What do you think, readers?

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