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Victoria Douglas’ Cinnamon is the World through a Cat’s Eyes

Behemoth Comics‘ imprint Happy Tank has announced their bombastic, crazed, punk mini-series with the reveal of Cinnamon #1 by LGTBQIA comic book creator Victoria Douglas.

Cinnamon features your perfectly ordinary, average housecat. At least until we get a glimpse of the world through her eyes! Countertops become skyscrapers, cat toys become biker gangs, and perilous giant robots rampage on the daily! Get drop-kicked onto the action packed streets of Big Kitchen City, as she fights the dark forces that dare to keep her from her favorite treat… Catnip!

Cinnamon #1 is out July 28th with the Previews pre-order cutoff on May 27th. The comic features two additional variant covers.

  • Cover A – MAY211280
  • Cover B – MAY211281
  • Cover C – MAY211282
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Cinnamon #1
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