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John Ridley and Juann Cabal Relaunch Black Panther in August

As Black Panther’s intergalactic saga makes its stunning conclusion next Wednesday, Marvel has revealed that the next thrilling chapter for T’Challa, Wakanda, and the Marvel Universe will begin this August! Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley will helm Marvel’s next Black Panther comic book series alongside artist Juann Cabal , beginning with Black Panther #1.

Building from the epic last chapter of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ groundbreaking multi-year Black Panther run in Black Panther #25 next week, Ridley will kick off an action-packed espionage story that will impact everything in T’Challa’s life and have ramifications for the entire Marvel Universe!

In this new ongoing series, secrets from T’Challa’s past have come back to haunt him. Fresh from returning from his adventures in space, Black Panther receives an unexpected and urgent message from a Wakandan secret agent. T’Challa must race the clock not only to save his agent, but also to keep his true agenda under wraps. Because if the truth comes out, it could cost T’Challa everything…

Check out the cover to Black Panther #1 by Alex Ross below!

Black Panther #1
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