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Rob Liefeld Done with Archie’s The Shield?

Archie Comics and writer/artist Rob Liefeld had been teaming up to update Archie’s classic superhero The Mighty Crusaders characters. Kicking off in June The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield would reimagine Archie’s iconic library of superheroes reintroducing the properties to modern readers.

Over the weekend, Liefeld took to social media to voice his displeasure over a cover that he felt revealed a “key plot point/element”. The retail variant cover was by Tone Rodriguez.

Liefeld said in his post:

When the key plot point/element is revealed on a retail variant cover – it’s probably time to exit the stage on this one…. like seriously?

Archie followed up saying they didn’t “grant permission for this (the cover) to be posted and shared”.

Liefeld followed up with:

Really dumb. It was fun while it lasted… on to the next!

When someone asked if the project was still going ahead, Liefeld responded “died right here”.

Those statements makes it seems like Liefeld is done on the project which hasn’t even debuted yet.

But, the character revealed on the cover and hints as to what it all means were already spoiled. Liefeld hinted to the story in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Archie had already released an image of the character in its initial teasers here and here drawn by Liefeld.

Check out the cover below along with the original teaser image.

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