Review: Stake #2

Stake #2

I loved the first issue of Stake. The series is a sort of new but also familiar take on the vampire genre. With a social media update, the comic follows Angel, a member of the Vampire Bounty Hunting Union. Angel witness vampires rip the heart out of her friend when they announced their presence three years prior. Stake #2 dives a bit more into Angel’s world and this group she belongs to. It’s an interesting and unexpected issue that fleshes out the world and characters.

Written by David A. Byrne, Stake #2 is an issue that really adds a lot to the world set up in the first issue. While it was clear Angel belonged to a group, we now get a better sense of it all. The issue takes the series from Blade territory to more of the X-Men. Angel goes to a school where she’s taught her craft and we as readers get to learn more about the vampire world. It’s a great way to introduce a lot of additional details to the story without bogging down the narrative. The issue doesn’t quite have the action-packed punch of the debut, it still delivers a nice dose of action with an exploration of things.

The art by Francesca Fantini is solid as well. Joined by letterer Joel Rodriguez, the setting of the comic takes us to a school which feels every bit the character of the story. It also feels like a lot of schools I’ve been in. There’s a great amount of detail, not just in the settings but the various characters. And that’s one of the impressive things about the comic. It feels there’s some thought put into the visuals, especially characters, and what they tell us. We learn a lot about each of the characters by what they wear, how they stand, and even their haircuts. It’s a great example of showing, not telling. There’s a minimal amount of color use too. It’s used to emphasize details, enhancing the art instead of distracting. Rodriguez’s lettering is impressive as well packing in a lot of dialogue at times in panels. It never feels like it’s an issue and at times helps the flow of the storytelling.

Stake #2 is a solid issue that fleshes out its world and characters. This is much more than a solo actor taking care of vampires, there’s entire schools and organizations dedicated to it. It’s a broader world than readers will have first thought opening up the potential even further for the series.

Story: David A. Byrne Art: Francesca Fantini Letterer: Joel Rodriguez
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

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