AHOY Comics Announces Snelson: Comedy is Dying from Paul Constant, Fred Harper, Lee Loughridge, and Rob Steen

Melville Snelson was killing it. He was the talk of the stand up circuit. He had a TV sitcom in development! He even had a date with Janeane Garofalo (although, to be fair, she denies it). But that was the 1990’s — and that was a long time ago.

Welcome to Snelson: Comedy is Dying, an all-new series from AHOY Comics, written by Paul Constant, featuring art by Fred Harper, colors by Lee Loughridge, and lettering by Rob Steen. This 5-issue series chronicles the misadventures of a washed-up comedian whose career peaked when Dawson’s Creek was still on the air. Bitter because he missed his big break in the ‘90s, Snelson is struggling with the idea that he’s a victim of cancel culture or, even worse, forgotten altogether. The debut issue, featuring a collectible variant cover by legendary cartoonist Peter Bagge, will be published by AHOY Comics on August 4, 2021.