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Super-Articulate: Star Wars Black Series Lucasfilm 50th Jawa and Qui-Gon Jinn

I’m writing this just ahead of the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest on Friday (April 9). Obviously, the event promises a lot of news. It’s almost certain that some of the Star Wars info will contain more items carrying the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary branding. Two of those items are in the wild now, and we’ve got them here. One is the Jawa (pre-ordered from Amazon) and the other is Qui-Gon Jinn (Best Buy Exclusive).

Jawa: The Jawa is part of a cluster of anniversary figures (including Greedo and Obi-Wan Kenobi) inspired by a) the original 12 Kenner Star Wars figures from 1978 and b) the specific looks of those figures. If you know those original figures, you know that the Jawa initially hit shelves with a vinyl cape, and then quickly had a running change into a cloth robe. The new Star Wars Black Series figure is specifically based on the robe iteration.

There have been Jawas before in the Black Series, including a standard and an “Offworld” modeled of their appearance in The Mandalorian. I like this one the best. Maybe that’s informed by nostalgia for the original Jawas (which were my first experience with having a bitch of a time finding a particular figure in the stores), but I think that the look is great. The soft-goods robe is a well-considered idea, and lends an authenticity to the figure. The blaster sculpt is great, and the overall look is really sharp.

Just for fun, I took some photos of the new figure next to one of my original Kenner Jawas. It puts into stark relief just how small those original figures were. But you can also appreciate how far the figures have come in terms of detail and visual impact.

Qui-Gon Jinn: There’s been a Qui-Gon in the Black Series before, but I feel Hasbro refined the head for this one. It looks shockingly like Liam Neeson. That resemblance for a movie-based line should definitely be something that the design team shoots for. I felt like they landed it here.

The figure comes in a really outstanding bit of packaging. Made to resemble the original Phantom Menace blister cards, the package has a shiny quality that really makes it stand out. As I’m an opener, this is partially lost on me, but I can appreciate the look and think that people that display their carded figures will probably really like it. It’s well-done.

Qui-Gon comes with a single (appropriate) accessory, his green lightsaber. I found the figure to be fairly poseable. Occasionally, those vinyl/plastic tunics can hinder poseability, but I don’t find it restrictive on this figure. I decided to take a few extra pix with other characters to give a little perspective; Qui-Gon, like Neeson, is fairly tall. Overall, I think that this is a solid figure and a good anniversary choice. The original Qui-Gon can go for three figures online, so this will allow fans and collectors that made have missed the first one to catch up.

The 50th: So far, the 50th Anniversary program seems charged with figures that fit specific needs or address holes collectors might have in their line-up. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of the Fan Fest. The easiest guest might be Tech and Echo from The Bad Batch, as that’s the only new Star Wars we’ll be getting for several months.

What do you think, readers? Let us know.

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