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Todd McFarlane Announces Four Stories for Spawn’s Universe #1

The world of Spawn is expanding (again) and one of those comics is Spawn’s Universe!

Todd McFarlane has announced the first issue will feature four different stories featuring Spawn, She-Spawn, Medieval Spawn, and Gunslinger Spawn. The issue highlights different Spawn character from the past and present and will introduce new villains as well.

Artists working on the issue include:

  • Jim Cheung – chapter with Spawn
  • Brett Booth – chapter with Gunslinger Spawn
  • Stephen Jorge Segovia– chapter with Medieval Spawn
  • Marcio Takara – chapter with She-Spawn

Spawn’s Universe #1 is a 52-page one-shot out in June for $5.99.

Check out one of the covers by Brett Booth below.

Spawn's Universe #1 Brett Booth
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