Vault Announces its 2021 Cover Artists-in-Residence Variant Program

Vault has announced the 2021 Cover Artists-in-Residence (or “CAIR”) variant program, featuring Yoshi YoshitaniMartin Simmonds, Corin HowellJoshua Hixson, and Jen Hickman. The CAIR program will see each of these artists drawing open-order variants for the entire run of the Vault series of their choosing.

Vault’s 2021 Cover Artist-in-Residence program will kick off with Yoshi Yoshitani’s mind-blowing cover to Matthew Erman’s and Lisa Sterle’sWitchblood #1, on sale March 31st, 2021. Hickman’s, Hixson’s, and Simmonds’, cover runs will follow.

Check out previous Vault covers from Yoshitani, Simmonds, Hixson, Howell, and Hickman below.