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Review: The Edge #1

The Edge #1

Infected by the super steroid The Edge, Revenant is on a rampage to eliminate Richard Tartabull. Can the strike team placed between them stop Revenant? Or will they all spread the infection of The Edge further?

You’re going to know whether The Edge #1 for you almost entirely by the front cover; there’s an almost eye-catching image of a hero standing at the door with a team behind him. The cover is largely pink, purple, and red, with the title being lost amidst the art, and the characters along the side blending in almost indistinctly with each other.

If you like the image, you’ll probably enjoy the comic, whereas if the cover doesn’t really interest or excite you, then you’re not going to find anything inside to change your mind.

The Edge #1 isn’t a bad comic in any way, but rather it’s a book that just falls flat. The story is okay, though nothing particularly brilliant nor original. That’s never a requirement for me to enjoy a book, but if the story and plot are familiar then the characters within need to stand out. These don’t. While the story is familiar, the dialogue is serviceable – at times stilted, were it not for the speech bubbles pointing to the character speaking, I’d be unable to distinguish who was supposed to be saying what.

Likewise, the art doesn’t really stand out, either. It’s better than anything I could do, and I am well aware of this, but there seems to be a lack of a certain spark or magic to the proceedings. It’s perfectly serviceable, and does nothing to make the comic any poorer, but nor does it elevate anything either.

This may sound like I didn’t enjoy The Edge #1, that I’m ragging on it just to rag, but the book isn’t actually bad – it’s just that for me it is not a particularly exciting comic, but it is one that’s worth a read if you’re interested in a superhero team book from an indie publisher. Hopefully, things click a little more for me in the second issue.

Story: Mark Wynn Art: Mark V
Colors: Luis Antonio Delgado Letters: Jaymes Reed
Story: 6.8 Art: 6.5 Overall: 6.7 Recommendation: Read

Second Sight Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review