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Review: Acursian Chapter 14

Acursian Chapter 14

The best thing about time travel stories is the changes that happen. There are always possibilities that you never saw coming. It also stands to reason that there are things which you wanted to happen, and you do everything in your power to ensure it. This is where things always get tricky and one choice can let things go awry.

One of the best examples of messing with time travel is the brilliant but short-lived show Timeless. The show used familiar tropes within the genre, but also capitalized on telling some unique stories. One of the biggest stories which made the show great and heart-wrenching, was when they erased the protagonist’s sister, a catalyst that only pushed our protagonist to correct time. In Acursian Chapter 14, we find out how Charlie deals with changes and consequences.

We are caught up with Charlie and his friends, back in Milwaukee, hoping they came to the place before the dagger showed up in their lives. We are also taken back to the Isle of Shadows, where Ceillech’s warriors are trying to free the King, but Aeron is not going down without a fight. We are also taken to 1520, off the coast of Ireland, where Grace uses the dagger to steal some loot, but not before arriving back in Alba’s cave, where Bregon is awaiting her. By the issue’s end, Charlie finds out that time has jumped 13 years and Allison doesn’t know who Nate is.

Overall, Acursian Chapter 14 is a grand entry that pushes stories in different directions. The story by the creative team is rewarding. The art by the creative team is outstanding. Altogether, the story becomes even more imbued in time jumping.

Story: John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman, and Erika Lewis Art: Beni Lobel and  Tommy Lee Edwards
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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