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Review: G.I. Joe: Castle Fall

G.I. Joe: Castle Fall

As a fan of heist movies, I always enjoy them when they add a new element that we have never seen before. I feel as an audience member, the storytellers should look to have us unbalanced. It is within that uncertainty that we often find joy within the story. As the worst thing a storyteller could do is to be predictable.

One of the newest movies to do this is The Vault. The story is about a Bank building that is more than a hundred years old and holds a treasure deep down below in its recesses. This lead to an art dealer and a genius engineering graduate forming a team to breach the building and get the treasure. In G.I. Joe: Castle Fall, a year’s worth of planning leads COBRA to execute a plan which much like the movie, break into GI Joe HQ.

We find G.I. Joe on a mission to find Dr. Mindbender, where they run into some interference but instead find Major Bludd, and try to squeeze him for information. What our heroes did not expect is that COBRA had their own plans, leading Mindbender to kidnap Scarlett and offer himself as a double agent, as he lets them know that Cobra Commander is unstable, but Scarlett remains apprehensive. We are also taken to Cobra HQ,, where Dr.Mindbender, unveils a plan to use his Death Machines to attack Joe HQ, as they just have found its exact location.  As COBRA attacks Joe HQ, Bludd takes advantage of how unguarded COBRA HQ and executes his own plans. By the book’s end, Joe usurps COBRA HQ, gains some new recruits while Cobra Commander and Baroness escape by the skin of their teeth.

Overall, G.I. Joe: Castle Fall is a fun story that doesn’t quite excite, but for longtime fans does satisfy. The story by Paul Allor is adequate. The art by the creative team is the shining gem of this book. Altogether, it plays out like an episode, that you see coming a mile away, unlike The Vault.

Story: Paul Allor Art: Chris Evenhuis, Brittany Peer, and Neil Uyetake
Story: 6.7 Art: 7.3 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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