Oni-Lion Forge Reveal its Children’s and Young Adult Summer Lineup

The Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group has revealed several upcoming children’s and middle-grade graphic novels coming summer 2021. 

Courtney Crumrin returns in an all new series by Ted NaifehThe Crumrin Chronicles Vol 1: The Charmed and the Cursed, in June.

In The Crumrin Chronicles, this time it’s not just Courtney that stumbles into trouble— helping her little brother Will navigate high school might be the death of her.

The Crumrin Chronicles Vol 1: The Charmed and the Cursed

Also in June, everyone’s favorite heavy-metal-karaoke-singing red panda is back as Sanrio’s Aggretsuko stars in her first original graphic novel in Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine from Brenda Hickey.

The office queen of karaoke meets her match when Retsuko’s favorite band reunites for a special concert. The Brides of Resonance return, but why do they want to take over the karaoke bar? Retsuko and friends have to fight for their right to party in a metal vs. metal vocal battle that pits Retsuko against a shadowy enemy. Will Gori survive a night of metal and moshing? Is Haida truly in love? Find out in Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine!

Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine

And Dragon Racera brand-new graphic novel from Joey Weiser, creator of Ghost Hog, brings back fan-favorite characters Truff, Claude, and Stanley, along with a brand-new friend, Vern! Vern is a racer at heart, even if he’s never quite won a race before—but he knows he’s ready!

 Dragon Racer

July finds readers going out of this world in Star Beasts by Stephanie Young and Allyson Lassiter, as they tell the (sorta) true (not really) story of why Pluto is no longer a planet.

Young puppy Bandit leaves his family behind on Earth to join the secret order of Star Beasts, cosmic creatures sworn to protect Earth—only not everyone is as welcoming as he thought they might be, and Bandit finds himself having difficulties fitting in. But when powerful galactic relics are stolen, the Star Beasts will need to come together before Pluto’s evil emperor’s plans are realized and everyone on Earth is wiped out!

Star Beasts