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Review: White Ash Presents: Glarien #1

White Ash Presents: Glarien #1

We live in a world where Lord of the Rings is mostly is now a part of pop culture. Though it feels like most of the projects out now circle around superheroes or grizzled heroes there’s still a fandom for fantasy. People enjoy fantasy these days with entertainment like The Witcher and the severely underrated The Outpost. As much as I enjoy both of these shows, Lord of the Rings has been my genesis.

Anyone who has read the books can see the allegory that Tolkien provided to what was going in the real world. The movie brought to the forefront just how elite the elves were. That made me wonder just how much of their story has never been told. Especially Arwen, whose story arc within the movies is far more fruitful than the path laid by Tolkien. In the brilliant return of White Ash, we meet a character must like Arwen but much more dangerous, in White Ash Presents: Glarien #1.

In the first story, we meet Glarien 1800 years ago, as a bounty on her head, brings some troublemakers, ones that she disposes of with ease. In the second story, we get whisked off on an adventure where the man she’s in love with gets kidnapped,  as we find out the lengths she will go to save the ones closest to her. In the last story, as America expands into the western frontier, we get a tale where we see just how lethal she is, as she kills some men trying to usurp her business.  By end of the issue, you find out who Glarien is, and why the people of White Ash revere her.

Overall, White Ash Presents: Glarien #1 is an engaging collection of stories that gives much-needed insight into who this stealth assassin is. The stories by Charlie Stickney are intelligent and fast-paced. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a set of stories which feels like if Duke Togo was a woman and who can kill you with a look and some well placed blades.

Story: Charlie Stickney Art: Conor Hughes, Yishan Li, Fin Cramb, and Romina Moranelli
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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