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Godkiller Returns with Tomorrow’s Ashes

Back in 2008, Matteo Pizzolo and artist Anna Wieszczyk envisioned a dark future: after a pandemic and insurrection topple civilization as we know it, a Fascist government known as The Republic rises, and a misfit crew of orphans, sex workers, and pariahs come together to bring it down.

Thirteen years after its debut with Godkiller: Walk Among Us, this tale of caring for one another as the world falls apart around us is as urgent and relevant as ever. And it’s back.

April 2021’s Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes picks up after the events of Walk Among Us, which was originally released as an underground comic in 2008, adapted into an animated film in 2011, and re-released in comics format by Black Mask Studios in 2014.

In Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes, orphan Tommy continues his quest to find a new heart for his dying sister, but he’s been captured by The Republic. Anti-heroine Halfpipe wants to rescue Tommy, but she’ll need help from mysterious bounty hunter Soledad, who’s not exactly in the helping-people business. From Matteo Pizzolo (CALEXIT) and Anna Wieszczyk (INTERESTING DRUG), the comic that Zac Thompson said “pushed me further than I’ve ever been pushed” returns to ratchet up the chaos and roar through the comic market, spitting punk rock fury, thundering into your eyeballs and running roughshod across your brains with its often mindbending, sometimes horrifying, always clever & devious tale of sci-fi magic, apocalyptic sex, and subversive mindbombs.

Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes #1 hits stores on April 21, 2021 with a stunning painted cover by Nen Chang and beautiful variant covers by Anna Wiesczyk and Leila Del Duca.

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