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ComiXology has 6 New Comics from DC, Magnetic Press, Yen Press, and Harlequin

There are six new comics available on comiXology right now. Check out the comics from DC, Yen Press, Magnetic Press, and Harlequin below or get shopping.

Crown Prince’s Chosen Bride

Written by Kandy Shepherd
Art by Ryo Arisawa

One day, a gorgeous man appears in front of Gemma at her job. Tristan Marco, a mysterious billionaire, wants her to plan a party at a high-end hotel. And he’s come all the way from Montovia, a country in Europe.
Tristan invites Gemma on a cruise, and unable to resist his charms, she accepts. Though she’s wary of the dangers of love at first sight, Gemma’s heart is taken with Tristan, not knowing that he’s actually the Prince of Montovia!

Crown Prince's Chosen Bride

Désert de rêve

Written by Rosemary Carter
Art by Junko Murata

Le projet de recherche de son père ne peut être réalisé qu’avec des photographies de la frise dans le désert, et la seule façon d’y parvenir est de rejoindre l’expédition d’étude de Fraser Mallory. Cependant, il y a deux problèmes : son père et Fraser se sont disputés il y a longtemps, et Fraser ne travaille jamais avec des femmes. Mais il existe un moyen de résoudre ces deux problèmes à la fois : elle deviendra “Corey” et se fera passer pour un homme !

Désert de rêve

Gunland Vol. 3 #11: Coda

Written by Captain Artiglio
Art by Captain Artiglio
Cover by Captain Artiglio

The battle for the valley grows to epic proportions as Bill “Death” raises an army of undead to fight by his side. It’s time for everyone to choose sides, including the Cherub of Golgotha…

Gunland Vol. 3 #11: Coda

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler – #83

Written by Homura Kawamoto
Art by Toru Naomura

The chosen one was to be named “Kirari.” So then who is the one not picked? Read the next chapter of Kakegurui the same day as Japan!

Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler - #83

Represent! (2020-) #5

Written by Tara Roberts
Pencils Yancey Labat
Inks Yancey Labat

“My Granny Was a Hero”
A little girl with afro puffs, a potbelly and a gap-toothed smile dreams of being a hero. She reads adventure books voraciously; she practices sword strokes and judo kicks in her bedroom in case she ever has to fight a dragon; she devours superhero movies and cartoons with big eyes and popcorn. And every night, she looks out of her window and wishes upon the moon with all her heart to be called upon to help someone in a big way…when she discovers the story of her great-grandmother Cocu, and how Cocu’s superpower led to a heroic struggle for freedom.

Represent! (2020-) #5

Wahcommo Vol. 1 #1

Written by Luis Nct
Art by Luis Nct
Cover by Luis Nct

Fox and Kaya have been chosen by their village to make the ceremonial trek to their lost ancient city to retrieve a piece of their history. Both feel they should be making the journey alone, but they are tasked with helping each other, as only together can they survive. This becomes evident as danger quickly presents itself…

Wahcommo Vol. 1 #1

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