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ComiXology Features a Trio of New Releases including new Represent! from DC

Kicking off the week, comiXology has three new digital comic releases from Harlequin, DC, and Magnetic Press. Check out the releases below or get buying now!

Ode à l’amour: Intimes relations

Written by Heather Macallister
Art by Mayu Takayama

Brook tombe des nues lorsque sa petite sœur lui annonce brutalement qu’elle compte se marier avec son petit-ami Jeff. Elle n’est encore qu’au lycée, c’est son devoir de s’interposer entre ce projet voué à l’échec !
Quand Brook tente de contacter Jace, le beau et charismatique demi-frère de Jeff, ce dernier lui offre 10 mille dollars en liquide pour mettre fin à ce qu’il pense être un mariage d’intérêt.
Brook, n’acceptant pas que sa sœur soit ainsi insultée de femme vénale, laisse exploser sa colère et lui colle une droite !

Ode à l'amour: Intimes relations

Represent! (2020-) #4

Written by Nadira
Pencils Brittney Williams
Inks Brittney Williams

“Believe You”
A young mother, Mai, has been struggling with her health ever since the birth of her daughter, Dira. She’s exhausted, gaining weight, experiencing shooting pain through her legs, and wakes up with numbness spreading across her entire body. She is in constant agony. But the doctors don’t think anything is wrong with her – she’s stressed, she’s a hypochondriac, it’s just fatigue – and despite everything Mai does to make herself better, she still feels alone. Until she finally finds a way to advocate for her health, and finds an ally who does more than prescribe…they listen.

Represent! (2020-) #4

Waluk #2: The Great Journey

Written by Emilio Ruiz
Art by Ana Miralles
Cover by Ana Miralles

When a passing freight ship crashes on a nearby ice floe, Waluk, Eskimo, and the cubs are surprised to discover an abandoned shipping container full of mystery…

Waluk #2: The Great Journey

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