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Review: Transformers: Beast Wars #1

Transformers: Beast Wars #1

For as much as a fan as I am of Transformers, I must confess I never watched Transformers: Beast Wars or got into the toys. The show released at a time when I had moved on from regular enjoyment of the property. The CGI and twist on the Transformers concept didn’t appeal much as well. It felt like a bit like a knock-off product. 25 years later, I get my actual first real experience in Transformers: Beast Wars #1, and now I feel like I’ve missed out.

Transformers: Beast Wars #1 is a new start to the property, treating it as an “ultimate” version of the property. There’s many familiar concepts for fans of the animated show but things are slightly different and as it progresses will vary more. The comic serves as a solid introduction to the property. Galwar has stolen a secret document that leads to a lot of power as well as a ship to travel in time. On the other side, Primal is tasked to pursue Galwar, who is no going by the name Megatron. From there, a familiar comic is born as the two sides battle in space, eventually crashing on an unknown world.

The opening of the comic, beyond the theft, is similar to the classic original series as well as the eventual Transformers: Beast Wars. While I can’t say how close this comic is to its animated inspiration but writer Erik Burnham has described it as the “ultimate” version of the property. It’s similar to the original but as it progresses the comic will differ more and more from the animated series. We see that already with the introduction of two new characters.

The art by Josh Burcham and lettering by Jake M. Wood is solid stuff. It has its own style that’s familiar but different from the other IDW Transfomers comic. It also draws inspiration from but doesn’t attempt to copy the CGI series. The designs for the characters, and their eventual transformation, is really good. The result is a look that’s somewhere between IDW’s traditional Transformers and superhero comics. The characters look like their animated selves and things look solid without going over the top with the action.

Transformers: Beast Wars #1 is a good introduction to the property. It has me excited to see what’s next and has me wanting to go back and watch the animated series. It’s fun in many ways. Its focus on the personality of the characters, as opposed to the action, gives it a different voice from other Transformers comics too. It’s a celebration of 25 years and has me excited for the next 25.

Story: Erik Burnham Art: Josh Burcham Letterer: Jake M. Wood
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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