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Square up for three rounds of ‘20 Fists’ at Source Point Press

Go enough rounds in the 20 Fists Fight League and you might just fall in love… Or get your heart broken. 20 Fists is kicking off with a three-issue mini-series written by Frankee White with art, color, and letters by Kat Baumann, Gab Contreras, and DC Hopkins respectively. Being published by Source Point Press, it’s available for pre-order now through Diamond Comic Distributors and

20 Fists is about fist fights and bad romance. The No Names are new to the 20 Fists Fight League. As they begin to make a name for themselves the worst possible thing happens: their leader Chel falls for Billie, the leader of their rival crew The Big Jackets. Now, with their crews about to meet up for another battle, Chel and Billie need to decide… to make love or war?

20 Fists is available to pre-order now and will be released Wednesday, April 28.

20 Fists