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Review: Nailbiter Returns #9

Nailbiter Returns #9

Nailbiter Returns #9 delivers all of the reveals as we get a better sense as to the big picture of it all. With our heroes captures, the issue is that stereotypical moment where the big bad does a monologue and reveals their motivation. This is mixed in with flashbacks that delivers more history about Warren and has us questioning a lot of what we believed to know about the world of Nailbiter.

Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson continue their dive into the world of Nailbiter playing it up as both a sendup and homage to horror sequels. Nailbiter Returns #9 has moments we expect so much from these types of films but also offers so much more for fans of the series. We get the villain going on about her plan but Williamson and Henderson also tie it all into the world they’ve built. There’s implications here that go back to the original series which again is something we see at times with horror sequels.

There’s a brilliance about Nailbiter Returns #9 as it adds some real depth and mystery to the overall story but it also uses a hook we’ve seen so many times before. It’s like the revelations in the Scream sequels which tie into the original’s story and changes it up ever so slightly. It’s smart, fun, and generally, really interesting. It has me wanting to go back and read the original series again.

Nailbiter Returns #9 is a solid issue in that it also gives us a lot of history between Warren and Penelope. We get to see a slight slide of Warren but also question what pushed him over the edge. There’s young kids in “love” but also something very sinister about it all as well. It’ll have you looking at Warren in a different way by the end.

Williamson and Henderson provide the art with Adam Guzowki on color and John J. Hill on lettering. Like all the issues before, the art does a dance. There’s over the top moments which might gross out some but it’s kind of hard to not see the humor in it. It’s just so silly at times, it delivers laughs and it’s hard to take seriously as scares. There’s so many moments of blood and some gore, none of it is played straight. A necklace made of eyeballs, a tender moment taken a bit too far, it’s weird and creepy but never meant to be sickening.

Nailbiter Returns #9 isn’t an issue new readers can jump in to. But, those who have been following this volume will be satisfied as to the reveals and where the issue takes things. Those who are long time readers of this and the previous series will be very happy as the issue delivers reveals that adds a lot to the series’ world and has us wanting to know more.

Story: Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson Art: Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson
Color: Adam Guzowski Letterer/Design: John J. Hill Edits: Rebecca Taylor
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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