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Review: Devil’s Highway #4

Devil's Highway #4

Though we are in a pandemic, the world does not stop. How we entertain ourselves is probably the one industry where we have a plethora of choices from our home. Some season premieres of different television shows have been delayed and others have been pushed to next year. This has made way to explore and check out some new television shows, which as it was before COVID-19 been hit or miss. One of those shows is Big Sky, which deals with a sex trafficking ring in the Northwest.

The show has a few familiar faces but largely dives into an issue that has never really been addressed in television. The premise shows just how insidious something like this can be and how it can hide in plain sight. As it brings to light just how appearances alone are never a good indicator of one’s behavior. In Devil’s Highway #4, Shannon finds out just how deep this network really is.

We are taken back to Minneapolis, where Shannon is interrogating the man who had her handcuffed about his knowledge of the network, Quentin as we soon find out he was a law enforcement official who eventually got way into deep. As we find out that it had been going since 2009, and a weird Occultist group has been engaging in this sadistic ritual, and it’s tied to something even more menacing. AS she eventually ropes Quentin into taking her to one of the offloading sites, an adventure neither of them may survive. By the issue’s end, Shannon and Quentin track down one of the pimps connected to the ring, where she gets more answers.

Overall, Devil’s Highway #4 is a great penultimate issue where we see a hero rise. The story by Benjamin Percy is astounding. The art by the creative team is astounding. Altogether, a great chapter in the miniseries which ratchets up the action.

Story: Benjamin Percy Art: Brent Schoonover and Lee Loughridge,
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

AWA Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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