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Avery Hill Publishing Reveals Six New Releases for 2021

Alone in Space – A Collection

Tillie Walden

Out 10/06/2021 (UK) – 06/07/2021 (USA)

A collection of Tillie’s three longform comics with Avery Hill: I Love This Part, The End Of Summer and A City Inside.
Plus the early sketches, short comics for magazines and webcomics such as What It’s Like To Be Gay In An All-Girls Middle School that shot her to fame on both sides of the Atlantic and have never been collected before.

Alone in Space - A Collection

Quiet Thoughts

Karen Shangguan

Out 19/08/2021 (UK) – 24/08/2021 (USA)

A collection of sketches and poetry comics from Vancouver artist Karen Shangguan.

Quiet Thoughts

Lights! Planets! People!

Lizzy Stewart and Molly Naylor

Out 23/09/2021 (UK) – 28/09/2021 (USA)

An adaptation of Molly Naylor’s play about a renowned scientist who is undergoing catastrophes in her work and personal life. Molly Naylor is an award-winning writer, performer and director and creator of Sky One comedy After Hours.
Lizzy Stewart is an award-winning artist and writer, and creator of Walking Distance which came out from Avery Hill in 2019.

Lights! Planets! People!

Methods of Dyeing

B. Mure

Out 07/10/2021 (UK) – 12/10/2021 (USA)

A new book in the quiet, fantastical Ismyre series by Bristol-based creator B. Mure.
Mure continues to expand the Ismyre universe, this time with a detective story!

Methods of Dyeing

Jinx Freeze

Lord Hurk

Out 21/10/2021 (UK) – 26/10/2021 (USA)

Down on the Riviera a famous sculpture has been stolen and the local police force are out of their depth – can a vast cast of local heroes, such as ‘King Gianthead Fighter Policeman O.X.’ or ‘Danny Kildare the Space Priest’, help solve the crime or will the thieves get away with their prize?

Told through the twisted creative lens of Hurk, Jinx Freeze is a heist story unlike any you’ve read before!

Jinx Freeze

Sour Pickles

Clio Isadora

11/11/21 (UK) – 16/11/21 (USA)

A semi-autobiographical comic about being bi-racial and working class whilst struggling to finish the final year at a prestigious London art school.

From exiting new Manchester-based artist Clio Isadora.

Sour Pickles