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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast. Ep 2: Unionize Quark’s!

Rom quotes Karl Marx and organizes a labor union at Quark’s Bar– of course, this merits a full episode of our new DS9 podcast. Join our guest, labor unionist & Trekkie Asher Huey for a close look at Bar Association, Season 4 episode 9.

This is the second episode of our podcast spin-off series, “Deep Space Dive” a Deep Space Nine podcast hosted by Elana Levin and Sarah Daniel Rasher

In each episode we do a deep dive into the text and subtext of this most political of Star Trek series, often with expert guests like the one we had today. Asher Heuy is the digital director of the American Federation of Teachers. profiled this activism and love of Star Trek in 2019. You can follow him:

Follow Deep Space Dive’s hosts – and Send us your DS9 Questions! Or your questions about unionizing your workplace!

We’ll be launching a new RSS just for Deep Space Dive episodes soon. — thank you for your patience, comics folks who aren’t Trekkies. We haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve got some huge comics guests coming shortly.

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