Those Two Geeks Episode Ninety Eight: Hunting Unicorns in By the Horns with Markisan Naso

Alex and Joe are joined by the author of the upcoming Scout Comics release By The Horns, Markisan Naso. He may be familiar to you if you’ve ever heard us rave about his debut series Voracious. By The Horns reunites the Voracious team in a new fantasy setting that follows a new heroine as she hunts down the unicorns the trampled the love of her life.

For more on By The Horns check out the links below:
Facebook: @ByTheHornsComic
Instagram: @ByTheHornsComic
Twitter: @BYTHEHORNScomic

You can reach Markisan at the following:
Twitter: @darthsan
Instagram: @darthmarkisan

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