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New From Birdcage Bottom Books in 2021

Birdcage Bottom Books has kicked off the new year revealing new comics coming from them in 2021.

Check out what you can expect in the coming months.

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology co-edited by Haleigh Buck and J.T. Yost will collect true stories and ruminations from too many punk cartoonists to list.

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology

Three new issues of Lance Ward‘s FLOP SWEAT series are scheduled for 2021. Flop Sweat is an ongoing serialization of Lance Ward’s autobiographical comics arranged chronologically. Ward’s life has been rife with pitfalls: abandonment, addiction, mental illness, sexual assault, arrest, attempted suicide, and even a death experience (not “near-death”, he was clinically deceased!). Yet, through it all, he has somehow maintained a positivity about and loyalty to his art, even after crushing his drawing hand!

Everything Is Super by Rottsteak will collect four issues of a supremely bizarre comic. There’s not a cover yet, so pictured is the cover art from the self-published Issue #1.

Everything Is Super

Comfort Creatures by Robert Stevenson is a surreal collection of intricately detailed drawings of things that usually bring us comfort but elicit horror in Stevenson’s illustrated poems. The interwoven text is as gorgeous as the drawings.

Comfort Creatures