ComiXology Kicks Off the Week with a Trio of Releases

You can get three new digital comics right now on comiXology. You can choose between a new Challenge of the Super Sons and two Harlequin manga. Get shopping or check out the individual releases below.

Challenge of the Super Sons (2020-) #4

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils Jorge Corona
Inks Jorge Corona
Colored by Luis Guerrero

Journey back with us, dear reader, to the pages of chapter one – where the Super Sons were whisked away to a different time! At last – all will be revealed! (I mean, c’mon! It’s been 3 weeks already!) See just what happened when the boys were snatched from reality, and how they encountered the DOOM SCROLL…in Dickensian England? Weird. This is going to be a wild trip everybody, buckle up!

Challenge of the Super Sons (2020-) #4

Mariée À un Inconnu

Written by Daphne Clair
Art by Hinoto Mori

Capri ne se souvient de rien ! Victime d’un accident de train pendant ses voyages, elle souffre d’amnésie. A son réveil, elle découvre Rolfe, un homme au regard froid, à son chevet.
Se pourrait-il qu’il soit son mari ? Son contact fait battre son cœur. Dans toute cette anxiété, sa vie avec lui commence. Quand Capri part se promener sur la plage, un beau jeune homme l’interpelle. Il lui raconte qu’avant de perdre la mémoire, son mariage avait échoué et qu’elle s’apprêtait à s’enfuir avec lui. Alors, qui aimait-elle vraiment?

Mariée À un Inconnu

His Secretary’s Surprise Fiance

Written by Joanne Rock
Art by Yu Mahara

Adelaide is shocked when her boss, Dempsey, suddenly declares their engagement at a press conference. To think he would resort to such a lie to keep her from quitting! Dempsey and Adelaide grew up together in a poor neighborhood and he was her first love. But he made it clear back then that he only ever wanted to be friends… So why does he want to be engaged to her now?

His Secretary's Surprise Fiance

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