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Deep Space Dive: a Star Trek Deep Space Nine podcast. Ep 1: Garak

DS9 is the Star Trek with the greatest focus on political concepts like colonialism, feminism, queerness, and post-scarcity economics. Join hosts and guests who aren’t just Trekkies but activists, academics, artists, therapists, and more as we do a deep dive into the text and subtext where few Star Trek podcasts have gone before.

We’re discussing Deep Space Nine’s themes and characters– not doing recaps. Also: spoilers.


Elana Levin, also the host of Graphic Policy Radio, has worked at the intersection of comics, nerd culture and social change for over a decade. Biggest Trek cred? Giving a speech on fan activism at a rally organized by Leeta/Chase Masterson. 

When not getting paid to use math to save the world, Sarah Daniel Rasher writes about film and figure skating. They were the founding Captain of their high school Star Trek club and once got Nicole De Boer to kiss them at a convention.

Episode 1: 

Garak: All The Boys Think He’s a Spy

Is he a spy? Is he evil? Is he dating Bashir? One thing’s for sure, he’s everyone’s favorite character.

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