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The Eternals and Marvel Universe Team for Variant Covers by Art Adams, Jenny Frison, Khary Randolph, Greg Land, and John Romita, Jr.

Mastermind creators Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribić join forces this January to redefine one of Marvel’s most fascinating mythologies in Eternals #1. Readers will experience Jack Kirby’s classic creation in an epic saga that will enthrall both longtime fans of the Eternals and those experiencing these enigmatic heroes for the first time. Celebrate the grand return of these iconic characters with stunning variant covers by some of Marvel’s most popular artists, featuring the most prominent Eternals characters side by side with your favorite Marvel heroes!

Phastos and Thor smash their way to glory on Art Adam’s explosive cover while Ikaris soars to new heights with Captain Marvel on Jenny Frison’s cover. Lightning strikes on Khary Randolph’s cover featuring Storm and Sersi and it’s clobberin’ time with the Thing and Thena on Greg Land’s previously revealed cover. Also, check out the Eternals battle their way through an army of Deviants on John Romita Jr.’s epic Hidden Gem cover. Behold these glorious covers below and keep your eyes peeled for more Eternals #1 cover reveals coming your way!

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