Influencers and Media Reform Advocates Melanin Gamers are Heading to AfroComicCon

Melanin Gamers

AfroComicCon has announced that Melanin Gamers will be among the Special Guests of the first virtual convention!

Melanin Gamers at its heart is a group of dedicated advocates committed to improving representation in popular media. As part of their mission, they regularly hold panel discussions, workshops and presentations on industry-relevant topics which aim to empower and educate. Melanin Gamers also provides networking opportunities and encourages people to get into the tech industry.

They have previously worked with schools, colleges, business and major industry events to advocate the need for better representation and to provide a platform for others to access and thrive in the video games industry. Melanin Gamers is a collaborative initiative, working with amazing affiliates and community members to promote better representation, deliver fantastic panel talks and (sometimes) to just sit down and game with. 

Speaking of gaming, Melanin Gamers is also hosting this year’s AFCC Gaming Tournament! With a wide variety of consoles and games to choose from, attendees are sure to not only find something fun to play, but also a new community of gamers to enjoy them with!

AfroComicCon​‘s 1st virtual convention will be held on October 24, 2020. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the annual event started in 2017 by the ​Oakland Technology & Education Center (OTEC), ​will be held virtually and free through a portal on the organization’s website. Sponsored by the NNPA, the ​Oakland A’s, and Pixar Entertainment, AfroComicCon promises to be a day full of exciting panels, screenings, entertainment, gaming, cosplay and special guests. The 12-hour event is currently slated to be live-streamed across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. You can register now.