Copra Press is Back with New Issues of Copra

Copra #38

Michel Fiffe has announced the return of Copra Press. He self-publishing and directly releasing individual issues of his hit indie series Copra starting with issues #38 and #39 which are available right now for order.

Continuing “The Ochizon Saga,” the series returns to its legacy numbering as well as its original paper stock.

The decision to bring Copra back to its indie press roots is due to delays at the distributor, presses shutting down, and general business impact due to the pandemic. The return to self-publishing allows Fiffe to retain better control over the situation.

In February 2019 it was announced the Fiffe’s Copra was moving from Bergen Street Press to Image Comics. The series relaunched with a new first issue in October 2019 with Image releasing single issues and previously released trades of the series.

Since the switch, Image has released six new issues of Copra. Though the “Round 6” trade, which collected the Image releases, was available for pre-order, it has since been pulled and rescheduled for release at a later date. Image will continue to publish the collections of Copra leaving Fiffe to focus on single issues.

You can order Copra #38 and #39 now.