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Review: Discombobulated: The Year in Review


The best thing art can do is put a spotlight on what is wrong in the world and not outright saying it. Most comparisons to real people and events are shrouded in allegory, characters, and story. This is where art thrives. As was written on a different website, art is a protest for those who cannot speak. Comics are the greatest exposition of thought within in a visual medium, as you can take someone like Red Skull and effectively extrapolate that he represents the worst of the Nazi regime.

It is those characters whose motivations cannot be seen outright which makes them intriguing. Take, for instance, Baron Zemo, whose motivations seem simplistic at first glance, but once you dig in it becomes that much more complicated. Like the ones in plain sight, the more emphatic voices that vehemently display the evil that the world should abhor are the ones who are usually leading the way. In the latest story arc of the hilarious and relevant Discombobulated, David deals with these evil archetypes in everything from Trump to Count Ofay to the embodiment of 2020.

We find David, where he takes a front seat to a fight between COVID and Systemic Racism, where one will not yield to the other. We also find David discussing what it means to make “AmeriKKKA great again”, as he quickly dismantles the myth of America’s elitism and how the collective silence of Conservatives about Herman Cain’s death, exposes their duplicity. He also dives into how the killing f George Floyd and Breonna Taylor is often muddied by corporate America’s sudden “wokeness” By the story’s end, David introduces us to 2020, who is actually cousins with the Grim Reaper and hates to be associated with anything negative.

Overall, another great chapter that shows that this webcomic should be on everyone’s radar. The story by David F. Walker is genuine. The art by Quinn McGowan is astonishing. Altogether, an arc that is the story of us.

Story: David F Walker Art: Quinn McGowan
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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