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John Ridley Makes His Marvel Debut in January teaming with Jorge Fornés for Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood #3

Filmmaker and novelist John Ridley will be bringing his renowned writing talents to Marvel Comics, starting with Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood #3 in January. Best known as the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave as well as the creator and showrunner of the Emmy winning anthology series American Crime, Ridley is a celebrated talent whose impressive body of work has garnered numerous accolades.

Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood is a new upcoming series, where top creators explore Wolverine’s iconic legacy in tales set throughout the character’s storied history. Ridley and superstar artist Jorge Fornés will take Wolverine back to Japan, where he’ll confront his past while crossing blades with the Silver Samurai. Marvel Comics is thrilled to welcome John Ridley to the Marvel Universe and excited to announce upcoming projects of his in the near future.

In the announcement, Ridley said this project was his way to “kick off” his writing relationship with Marvel. He further is quoted as saying he looks “forward to writing more stories set in the Marvel Universe, and with their roster of iconic characters.,” indicating we’ll see more of his talent on Marvel properties in the future.

Ridley has been rumored to have been working on a Marvel project for television for some time. It was first reported in 2015. It’s unknown if that will ever happen but it was supposed to “reinvent” an existing character or property. Who or what exactly is unknown. The project was to air on ABC but this was pre-Disney+, so, as they do, plans can and might have changed.

Be sure to check out John Ridley’s Marvel Comics debut when Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood #3 hits stands in January.

Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood #3