Update: S. E. Hinton Insults Comics and Graphic Novels While Dismissing an adaptation of The Outsiders

It’s been a bit since an author has really insulted comics and graphic novels as an entertainment and reading medium but yesterday, author S. E. Hinton went all in.

When asked if she would consider a graphic novel version of her modern classic novel The Outsiders, the author dismissed the idea. Hinton bluntly stated you read a book while you just turn pages on graphic novels.

A beyond insulting statement, it’s also a hypocritical one as The Outsiders has been turned from a book into both stage and screen as well as an audio adaptation. It can be enjoyed and consumed beyond the printed page, so, Hinton’s statement that there’s some special aspect to the book, that it has to be read, is betrayed by her past willingness to see it elsewhere. It’s possible she has since changed her mind about that.

There also seems to be a lack of understanding or acknowledgement of what graphic novels are today. Hinton absolutely helped continue to pave the way for young adult literature with The Outsiders and today, graphic novels are playing a similar role for a whole new generation of readers (and more).

The fact, in general, that a creator would look so down on an art form, something she herself experienced with her debut book, is at this point sad and beyond out of touch. Ironically, Hinton has released comic books having worked with Bluewater who later was re-branded Tidalwave Productions.

Hinton interestingly enough has since retweeted numerous individuals who disagree with her take on graphic novels and praising the medium and at times calling out Hinton. But, as of this article Hinton herself has not clarified her position or thoughts further.

Update: S. E. Hinton has rethought her opinion and apologized.