Tenet and The New Mutant Go First and Second Again at the Box Office While the Empire Strikes Back!

The New Mutants

The past weekend box office looked a lot like the past weekend’s with Tenet taking first and The New Mutants taking second.

Tenet dipped 27.7% from the previous weekend bringing in $3.4 million domestically. That brought its total to $41.2 million after 4 weeks. Internationally, the film is doing better with 85.5% of its current grosses coming from there. It’s international earnings stand at $242 million which is an increase of $39 million over the week. Worldwide, the film has earned $283.2 million.

The New Mutants held on to second place dipping 37.1% from the previous weekend. The film earned a little under $1.15 million for the weekend domestically. It currently stands at $19.5 million. Over the week, the film gained about $2.1 million at the international box office. It’s a rare film with a nearly 50/50 split for grosses at the international and domestic box office. Internationally, the film has earned $19.4 million. That brings its worldwide total to a little under $38.9 million.

With an estimated budget of $67 to $80 million, things aren’t dire for the film but one wonders if it’d have done better with a video-on-demand run instead. Even if just 1 million individuals paid $30, it’d be a net gain as Disney would not have had to split earnings with theaters.

Unhinged moved up to third place for the weekend dipping 22% and bringing in an even $1 million. The film has earned $17.2 million at the domestic box office so far.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back has had a re-release bringing in $908,000 and placing the film in fourth place. Its apparently been going on for 11 weeks and the film has earned $1.9 million domestically during the re-release.

Rounding out the top five was Infidel which dropped 46.2% and earned $745,000 to bring its domestic total to $2.7 million after two weeks.

19 films brought in a total of just $8.9 million at the weekend domestic box office. That covers 19,242 theaters and that means each theater brought in just $462. Theaters have to be struggling at this point and one questions if it’d have been smarter to remain closed for a longer period to minimize losses.