Review: Miles to Go #1

Miles to Go #1

Miles to Go #1 kicks off one of the more intriguing series to debut recently. The first issue centers around Amara Bishop, a mother going through a divorce and a troubling past. Amara had learned to kill in what seems to be a criminal enterprise but it’s a history she has left for quite some time. After her mentor is murdered, that past threatens to catch up with her and threatens the life she has built.

Written by B. Clay Moore, Miles to Go #1 has something really going for it. And, I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what that is. The story has elements of Grosse Point Blank to it mixed with government spook aspects but it’s how it all comes together. The comic is really about that last page which delivers such an unexpected twist and shock I immediately wanted to read more.

Miles to Go #1‘s greatest strenght is its focus on Amara and her life. This is a mother who is trying to juggle a pending divorce, her life, and raising a child. It’s not until a bit into the comic that Amara’s troubling life becomes clearer and we realize she’s doing all of that while escaping trauma and crimes. And then that ending and a big question as to what’s next. It’s a fantastic set up and knock down of a character and story leaving the reader unprepared for where the comic goes.

Much of the success of the comic is by artist Stephen Molnar and letterer Thomas Mauer. The comic gives a sort of domestic reality that’s relatable. Amara’s home is put together and organized while her exes’ home is messy and chaotic. There’s much discussion of simple everyday things like hairstyles focusing in on the character’s more realistic details. And much of what could be shocking and explosive happens off-panel. The more shocking elements are left for the reader’s imagination which will always be more gruesome than whatever the creators come up with. Hw that’s done just compounds that aspect.

Miles to Go #1 is another solid debut from AfterShock Comics. It’s a “crime” comic that delivers a more human focus of a mother haunted by her past. Where it all goes after this debut, I seriously have no idea. But, it has me excited and intrigued to find out. That’s the measure of a successful comic, do I want to come back for more? Miles to Go #1 nails that down and then some.

Story: B. Clay Moore Art: Stephen Molnar Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

AfterShock provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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