Tenet and The New Mutants Again Go First and Second at the Weekend Box Office

The New Mutants

Theaters continue to limp along as not much has changed at the domestic box office. Tenet was again in first place earning an estimated $4.7 million, down 29.9% from the previous weekend.

The film has spent three weeks in released earning just $36.1 million domestically. Internationally, the story is much different as it has crossed the $200 million mark and now stands at $203 million at the foreign box office. Worldwide, the film has earned $239.1 million.

In second place was The New Mutants which held on to the position with an estimated $1.6 million, down 23.4% from the previous weekend. Domestically, the film has earned $17.7 million after four weeks.

Internationally, things aren’t much better for the film as it has earned $17.3 million at the foreign box office. That brings the worldwide total to a little over $35 million.

With an estimated budget of $67 to $80 million, things aren’t dire for the film but one wonders if it’d have done better with a video-on-demand run instead. Even if just 1 million individuals paid $30, it’d be a net gain as Disney would not have had to split earnings with theaters.

In third place was a new film Infidel which brought in $1.5 million.

Unhinged dropped from third to fourth with $1.3 million domestically, down 14.3%. That brings the films’ domestic earnings to $15.7 million.

Rounding out the top five was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run with $210,000 after six weeks. That film has brought in $4.2 million total domestically.

The 11 films out brought in just under $9.8 million at the domestic box office for the weekend. It’s hard to see how theaters can continue if the demand doesn’t pick up.