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The Perhapanauts Return in November through Scout Comics’ Black Caravan Imprint

There are places in this world where the fabric of reality has worn thin, where strange and terrible creatures have crossed over to lurk in the shadows and the night.There is an organization dedicated to finding these creatures and  sending them back whence they came, sealing the rift behind them and protecting mankind from horrors unseen.The organization is called BEDLAM. Its agents are… THE PERHAPANAUTS! A BIGFOOT. A MOTHMAN. EL CHUPACABRA. A GHOST. Join our team of incredible cryptids as they travel to the four corners of this world where they encounter even more weird and bizarre creatures from folklore, myth, and local legend! #paranormal, #cryptozoology, #meninblack, #talkingweasel

The Perhapanauts is by writer Todd Dezago with art by Craig Rousseau. It comes to shelves November 2020 through Scout ComicsBlack Caravan imprint.

The Perhapanauts